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About Us

Photo of Angela Wood & her artists at Angela Wood Beauty & Bridal taken in Toronto Ontario

Angela Wood Beauty is led by Angela Wood. Angela appeared in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Seventeen, as a teen fashion model. To transition her modelling career Angela enrolled in university and while she could do exceptionally well in creative courses she was struggling in others. After, graduating university and struggling again in a daily corporate 9-5, Angela decided to take a completely different direction.

It took a lot of determination, but Angela spent another two-years completing an evening makeup artist diploma course at the Canadian Beauty College. It was during this time that Angela discovered she wasn't alone - in fact, most of her peers in this creative environment also struggled with the typical 9-5 - that was very structured. This is when Angela's mission became clear.  She was determined to use all of her education and experience in fashion, to build a collective team of makeup & and hair artists who could embrace their creative side. Angela's message is this: always feel good about hiring a makeup artist or hairstylist - you are employing someone who truly needs the creative work more than you know.


From Angela, you can expect humbleness, kindness, softness, and a down-to-earth personality. Angela also transpires these morals & values as a leader and mentor to her team.  Proudly, Angela ran her first makeup artist team in California and continues to lead us to new heights with Angela Wood Beauty & Bridal in now open in Central Ontario. 

Watch Angela Present her previous California Team, and business values. Angela is excited to bring this same luxury experience to you in South Central Ontario!

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